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BREAKING MagicaVoxel NEWS: Huge Renders and... WHAT!?

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Update: It's out! Go grab MagicaVoxel 0.99.3 now!


If the announcement of panoramas and turntable animations wasn't a big enough deal already, two highly requested (at least by me) features are getting added that will have a huge impact on productivity:


The current max render size is only 2048x2048, meaning that options for printing were limited, and sites that I used to share voxel art on no longer accepted uploads because they required higher resolutions for quality expectations. This is almost 6 times wider and 6 times taller, or 34 times the area!

You can expect your render times for this enormous image will also probably be about 34 times as long. But hey, don't worry, because...


I'm trying not to scream with joy at 1:20 AM and wake up my small children!

Since I started seriously using MagicaVoxel, I've stated that the biggest thing holding me back from considering it a truly professional tool, even still in alpha, is that you couldn't render in the background. Tying up my computer for hours because I didn't want to take focus away from the MagicaVoxel window to check email or work on something else is a huge productivity drain.

While I expect the render to probably run a little slower in the background, not having to worry about forgetting it and leaving a render incomplete while I grab lunch is a real joy and I can't wait to start making all my renders into high detail prints!

Ephtracy also shared a huge Panorama render and a weblink to view it interactively:

What renders of yours will you be revisiting to display in their 12K glory?

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