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Busy, busy, busy!

voxel skybox
Big skybox with mixed 2D and 3D styles for parallax effects outside the window.

Sorry it's been quiet, I was cranking out over 100 hospital interior models for #TheSandbox over the past two weeks full of holiday events. If you haven't been following on social media, there are some highlights in the gallery below.

Also, I've revamped my Twitch channel with a spiffy new look. Come check it out on Monday as I make more hospital assets, jam out to some tunes, and answer your questions. I'm always up for commissions/freelance work if you have a project in mind.

You can click on each image to see the uncropped, hi-res version on Dropbox. Or you can purchase an All Access Pass to get the whole Dropbox, including all these models.

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