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1x1 Scale Food Asset Pack [189 Unique Objects]

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Product Details

Dozens of food props for MagicaVoxel.

---[ Includes ]---

  • 189 files with fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, sweets, and breads
  • Every object is modeled with voxels inside and out! You can fillet a whole salmon, slice the pie, chop the fruit, and scoop the ice cream.
  • Template file with preset material library
  • Perpetual license
  • Free updates

These files are currently in a sort of "demo-mode" that show a lot of the foods cut open or combined, which may not make them the most useful for pattern mode in MagicaVoxel. I will be releasing an update summer 2019 where each file is a single, complete food item. As with all updates, this will be free for anyone who has already bought the pack, or has an All Access Pass. The original version will still be available for download after the update.

---[ Change Log ]---

  • [ v1.0 ] 6/22/2019 : Packaged and uploaded to store for release on 6/23/2019.
---[ Package Contents ]---

1x1 food readme 6.22.19.txt
1x1 food scene.vox


[1x1 eat] burger bun [000110].vox
[1x1 eat] buttered toast [000111].vox
[1x1 eat] corn tortillas [000112].vox
[1x1 eat] croissant [000113].vox
[1x1 eat] french bread [000114].vox
[1x1 eat] hotdog bun [000115].vox
[1x1 eat] pancakes [000116].vox
[1x1 eat] plain bagel [000117].vox
[1x1 eat] plain bread loaf [000118].vox
[1x1 eat] poppyseed bagel [000119].vox
[1x1 eat] pretzel [000120].vox
[1x1 eat] pumpernickel [000121].vox
[1x1 eat] sliced bread [000122].vox
[1x1 eat] sourdough loaf [000123].vox
[1x1 eat] swirl bread [000124].vox
[1x1 eat] taco shell [000125].vox
[1x1 eat] tortillas [000126].vox
[1x1 eat] waffle [000127].vox
[1x1 eat] bleu cheese [000128].vox
[1x1 eat] camambert cheese [000129].vox
[1x1 eat] chedar wheel [000130].vox
[1x1 eat] colby jack cheese [000131].vox
[1x1 eat] natural rind cheese [000132].vox
[1x1 eat] red rind cheese [000133].vox
[1x1 eat] swiss cheese [000134].vox
[1x1 eat] cake [000135].vox
[1x1 eat] cookie choco chip [000136].vox
[1x1 eat] cookie chocolate [000137].vox
[1x1 eat] cookie frosted [000138].vox
[1x1 eat] cookie pb [000139].vox
[1x1 eat] cookie pb blossom [000140].vox
[1x1 eat] cookie sandwich [000141].vox
[1x1 eat] cupcake [000142].vox
[1x1 eat] donut boston creme [000143].vox
[1x1 eat] donut choco frost [000144].vox
[1x1 eat] donut double choco [000145].vox
[1x1 eat] donut jelley filled [000146].vox
[1x1 eat] donut powdered [000147].vox
[1x1 eat] donut rainbow sprinkles [000148].vox
[1x1 eat] donut strawberry frost [000149].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream banana splits [000150].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream bucket butter pecan [000151].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream bucket cherry choco chip [000152].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream bucket choco [000153].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream bucket choco chip [000154].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream bucket mint choco chip [000155].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream bucket neapolitan [000156].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream bucket pistachio [000157].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream bucket spumoni [000158].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream bucket strawberry [000159].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream bucket vanilla [000160].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream cone [000162].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream cone+scoop ref [000161].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream mini scoop butter pecan [000163].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream mini scoop cherry choco chip [000164].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream mini scoop choco [000165].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream mini scoop choco chip [000166].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream mini scoop mint choco chip [000167].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream mini scoop neapolitan [000168].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream mini scoop pistachio [000169].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream mini scoop spumoni [000170].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream mini scoop strawberry [000171].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream mini scoop vanilla [000172].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream scoop butter pecan [000173].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream scoop cherry choco chip [000174].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream scoop choco [000175].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream scoop choco chip [000176].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream scoop mint choco chip [000177].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream scoop neapolitan [000178].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream scoop pistachio [000179].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream scoop spumoni [000180].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream scoop strawberry [000181].vox
[1x1 eat] icecream scoop vanilla [000182].vox
[1x1 eat] muffin blueberry [000183].vox
[1x1 eat] muffin plain [000184].vox
[1x1 eat] pie apple [000185].vox
[1x1 eat] pie blueberry [000186].vox
[1x1 eat] pie cherry [000187].vox
[1x1 eat] pie key lime [000188].vox
[1x1 eat] pie pumpkin [000189].vox
[1x1 eat] pie strawberry rhubarb [000190].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle double blue raz [000191].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle double cherry [000192].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle double fudge [000193].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle double grape [000194].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle double lemon [000195].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle double lime [000196].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle double orange [000197].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle single blue raz [000198].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle single cherry [000199].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle single eaten [000200].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle single fudge [000201].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle single grape [000202].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle single lemon [000203].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle single lime [000204].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle single orange [000205].vox
[1x1 eat] popscicle single rocket [000206].vox
[1x1 eat] apples [000207].vox
[1x1 eat] bananas [000208].vox
[1x1 eat] cherry [000209].vox
[1x1 eat] coconut [000210].vox
[1x1 eat] grapes [000211].vox
[1x1 eat] lemon lime [000212].vox
[1x1 eat] mango [000213].vox
[1x1 eat] orange [000214].vox
[1x1 eat] peach [000215].vox
[1x1 eat] pear [000216].vox
[1x1 eat] pineapple [000217].vox
[1x1 eat] strawberries [000218].vox
[1x1 eat] watermelon [000219].vox
[1x1 eat] assembled hotdog [000220].vox
[1x1 eat] burrito [000221].vox
[1x1 eat] cheese pizza [000222].vox
[1x1 eat] cheeseburger [000223].vox
[1x1 eat] delux burger [000224].vox
[1x1 eat] french fries [000225].vox
[1x1 eat] french fry basket [000226].vox
[1x1 eat] hamburger [000227].vox
[1x1 eat] pancake stack [000228].vox
[1x1 eat] pepperoni pizza [000229].vox
[1x1 eat] supreme pizza [000230].vox
[1x1 eat] sushi [000231].vox
[1x1 eat] taco [000232].vox
[1x1 eat] waffle stack [000233].vox
[1x1 eat] bacon [000234].vox
[1x1 eat] broiled salmon fillet [000235].vox
[1x1 eat] cooked chicken [000236].vox
[1x1 eat] eggs [000237].vox
[1x1 eat] fried egg [000238].vox
[1x1 eat] grilled burgers [000239].vox
[1x1 eat] grilled cod [000240].vox
[1x1 eat] grilled cowboy steak [000241].vox
[1x1 eat] grilled filet mingion [000242].vox
[1x1 eat] grilled porkchop [000243].vox
[1x1 eat] grilled ribeye [000244].vox
[1x1 eat] grilled ribs [000245].vox
[1x1 eat] grilled roast [000246].vox
[1x1 eat] grilled salmon steak [000247].vox
[1x1 eat] grilled sirloin steak [000248].vox
[1x1 eat] grilled t-bone steaks [000249].vox
[1x1 eat] grilled tri-tip steak [000250].vox
[1x1 eat] hanging sausages [000251].vox
[1x1 eat] hotdogs [000252].vox
[1x1 eat] meatloaf [000253].vox
[1x1 eat] raw bacon [000254].vox
[1x1 eat] raw chicken [000255].vox
[1x1 eat] raw cod [000256].vox
[1x1 eat] raw cowboy steak [000257].vox
[1x1 eat] raw filet mignon [000258].vox
[1x1 eat] raw ground beef [000259].vox
[1x1 eat] raw hamburger patties [000260].vox
[1x1 eat] raw porkchop [000261].vox
[1x1 eat] raw ribeye steak [000262].vox
[1x1 eat] raw ribs [000263].vox
[1x1 eat] raw roast [000264].vox
[1x1 eat] raw salmon [000265].vox
[1x1 eat] raw salmon fillet [000266].vox
[1x1 eat] raw salmon steak [000267].vox
[1x1 eat] raw sirloin steak [000268].vox
[1x1 eat] raw t-bone steaks [000269].vox
[1x1 eat] raw tritip steak [000270].vox
[1x1 eat] ribcage [000271].vox
[1x1 eat] salmon bones [000272].vox
[1x1 eat] whole salmon [000273].vox
[1x1 eat] avocado [000274].vox
[1x1 eat] beets [000275].vox
[1x1 eat] bell peppers [000276].vox
[1x1 eat] brocoli [000277].vox
[1x1 eat] califlower [000278].vox
[1x1 eat] carrots [000279].vox
[1x1 eat] celery [000280].vox
[1x1 eat] corn [000281].vox
[1x1 eat] cucumber [000282].vox
[1x1 eat] eggplant [000283].vox
[1x1 eat] garlic [000284].vox
[1x1 eat] iceberg lettuce [000285].vox
[1x1 eat] jalepeno [000286].vox
[1x1 eat] mushrooms [000287].vox
[1x1 eat] potato sack [000288].vox
[1x1 eat] potatoes [000289].vox
[1x1 eat] pumpkin [000290].vox
[1x1 eat] radish [000291].vox
[1x1 eat] red cabbage [000292].vox
[1x1 eat] red onion [000293].vox
[1x1 eat] romaine lettuce [000294].vox
[1x1 eat] squash [000295].vox
[1x1 eat] tomato [000296].vox
[1x1 eat] turnip [000297].vox
[1x1 eat] yellow onion [000298].vox

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