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It's been a while...

Hello everyone,

I apologize that news has been slow from the blog, but trust me, I've been busy!

My channel on YouTube has been growing steadily, and I'm finally working on a project that isn't covered by an NDA! Check out this playlist to see my latest work for The Sandbox, and be sure to subscribe for more videos.

This monster project will go through finishing the construction and coloring in MagicaVoxel, then importing into VoxEdit for rigging and animation. When this is all done, Gigantzard will be a rare premium asset on The Sandbox marketplace.

If you're curious about getting started with VoxEdit, I have a whole tutorial series that teaches all the tools and a lot of animation concepts. Once Inverse Kinematics is added to the tools, I will be doing an update to teach that as well.


In other news, I'm working with the developer of a new iOS app called Voxel Max, which is fun to use, and has a lot of great and unique tools. I'll be working on tutorials for Voxel Max over the next month. This is a really exciting program with plans for amazing things. Stay tuned!


And finally, it's my birthday Friday... Big 3-0. Yikes! I spend all day playing with virtual building blocks. Go subscribe to my channel if you want to give me a present.

Thanks for the support!

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