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The First Sandbox LAND Sale is SOLD OUT!

So the long-anticipated LAND presales have begun, and in just a couple hours, the first LAND sale was totally sold out! Here's what the map looks like.

map of the Sandbox LAND properties
Green Means Gone!

These LAND properties are 96x96 meter parcels of space to build game experiences on once The Sandbox game maker is released. When larger squares of tangent land parcels are owned by the same person, they can be merged into the bigger squares, called estates.

Unfortunately, I was too slow to buy a 3x3 estate, but I bought 9 individual parcels all in a square together, which I can later merge into an estate if I want. These larger estates can be played all together as one experience, allowing for bigger game environments.

If you chose, you can divide them up again later, or sell or rent them out. There is a lot of control given to LAND owners, as well as a say in the governance of the metaverse, something we should be learning more about over the coming months.

If you missed the LAND sale, don't worry! There are several more discounted presales over the coming months before all remaining parcels go for sale at full price. You can check out pricing, discount, and quantity information on The Sandbox Medium blog.

Also, I made a brief video while I was making my purchase to show the buying process. You can see how parcels are selected on the interactive map and purchased with the Metamask wallet plugin.

Be sure to join the official Sandbox Discord server for announcements on LAND giveaways, new presale events, and general news about The Sandbox platform. I'm one of the moderators there, and we have a bunch of great community members who like to help answer your questions.

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