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1x1 Scale Kitchen Asset Pack [116 Unique Objects]

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Product Details

Dozens of files for building a kitchen in MagicaVoxel.

---[ Includes ]---

  • 10 Swappable Color Palettes
  • 116 Unique Objects designed with animation in mind
  • Fully assembled kitchen with over 150 movable objects (pictured)
  • Pre-assembled items for faster building
  • Template file with preset material library
  • Perpetual license
  • Free updates

---[ Change Log ]---

  • [ v1.0 ] 12/10/2018 : Packaged and uploaded to store for release on 12/14/2018.
---[ Package Contents ]---

1x1 kitchen readme 12.10.18.txt
1x1 kitchen scene.vox

VoxelFox-pal-v1.3 [arne32].png
VoxelFox-pal-v1.3 [grayscale with color light].png
VoxelFox-pal-v1.3 [grayscale].png
VoxelFox-pal-v1.3 [hue shifted].png
VoxelFox-pal-v1.3 [inverted].png
VoxelFox-pal-v1.3 [muted colors].png
VoxelFox-pal-v1.3 [nes].png
VoxelFox-pal-v1.3 [sms].png
VoxelFox-pal-v1.3 [ufo50].png

[1x1 mix] coffee maker [000094].vox
[1x1 mix] fridge [000039].vox
[1x1 mix] microwave [000097].vox
[1x1 mix] oven [000020].vox
[1x1 mix] toaster [0000100].vox
[1x1 app] coffee maker [000094].vox
[1x1 app] coffee maker lid [000093].vox
[1x1 lfx] coffee maker switch [000095].vox
[1x1 pro] coffee pot [000092].vox
[1x1 app] freezer door [000048].vox
[1x1 app] fridge [000039].vox
[1x1 app] fridge crisper [000040].vox
[1x1 app] fridge door [000034].vox
[1x1 app] fridge door hatch [000035].vox
[1x1 app] microwave door [000098].vox
[1x1 app] microwave turntable [000096].vox
[1x1 app] microwave [000097].vox
[1x1 lfx] microwave on [000099].vox
[1x1 app] oven [000020].vox
[1x1 app] oven burner large cold [000021].vox
[1x1 app] oven burner small cold [000022].vox
[1x1 app] oven door [000028].vox
[1x1 app] oven drawer [000029].vox
[1x1 app] oven heating element cold [000025].vox
[1x1 app] oven hood [000030].vox
[1x1 app] oven rack [000027].vox
[1x1 lfx] oven burner large hot [000023].vox
[1x1 lfx] oven burner small hot [000024].vox
[1x1 lfx] oven heating element hot [000026].vox
[1x1 lfx] oven hood lights [000031].vox
[1x1 app] toaster [0000100].vox
[1x1 app] toaster tray [0000102].vox
[1x1 lfx] toaster heat [0000103].vox

[1x1 mix] sink [000060].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet door full [000079].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet door half short [000059].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet door half tall [000055].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet drawer deep [000052].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet drawer shallow [000053].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet shelf deep [000056].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet shelf shallow [000057].vox
[1x1 mix] cabinet corner [000070].vox
[1x1 mix] cabinet drawer and shelves [000068].vox
[1x1 mix] cabinet drawer triple[000051].vox
[1x1 mix] cabinet shelves full door [000080].vox
[1x1 mix] cabinet shelves half doors [000058].vox
[1x1 mix] cabinet shelves rounded end [000082].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet corner [000070].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet corner lazy susan [000069].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet drawer and shelves [000068].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet drawer triple[000051].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet shelves full door [000080].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet shelves half doors [000058].vox
[1x1 arc] cabinet shelves rounded end [000082].vox
[1x1 arc] countertop [000054].vox
[1x1 arc] countertop corner [000071].vox
[1x1 arc] countertop rounded end [000083].vox
[1x1 arc] sink cabinet [000060].vox
[1x1 arc] sink countertop [000067].vox
[1x1 arc] overhead cabinet corner [000074].vox
[1x1 arc] overhead shelve short [000075].vox
[1x1 arc] overhead shelves tall [000076].vox
[1x1 arc] pantry door [000077].vox
[1x1 arc] shelf long [000081].vox
[1x1 arc] shelf short [000084].vox
[1x1 arc] under cabinet corner shelf [000086].vox
[1x1 arc] under cabinet shelf [000085].vox
[1x1 mix] overhead cabinet short [000073].vox
[1x1 mix] overhead cabinet tall[000072].vox
[1x1 mix] pantry [000078].vox
[1x1 arc] overhead cabinet short [000073].vox
[1x1 arc] overhead cabinet tall[000072].vox
[1x1 arc] pantry [000078].vox
[1x1 arc] door frame arch [000011].vox
[1x1 arc] wall section [000001].vox
[1x1 mix] door [000013].vox
[1x1 mix] window double hung [000007].vox
[1x1 arc] door [000013].vox
[1x1 arc] door frame [000012].vox
[1x1 arc] window frame double [000007].vox
[1x1 arc] window sash bottom [000005].vox
[1x1 arc] window sash top [000006].vox
[1x1 lfx] window glass [000004].vox
[1x1 arc] under cabinet fixture [000087].vox
[1x1 arc] wall outlet double [000015].vox
[1x1 arc] wall outlet single [000016].vox
[1x1 arc] wall switch [000018].vox
[1x1 arc] wall switch cover [000017].vox
[1x1 lfx] under cabinet light [000088].vox
[1x1 mix] ceiling fan [000008].vox
[1x1 arc] ceiling fan blades [000009].vox
[1x1 arc] ceiling fan motor [000008].vox
[1x1 lfx] ceiling fan bulb [000010].vox
[1x1 arc] sink basin [000061].vox
[1x1 arc] sink faucet [000062].vox
[1x1 arc] sink handle cold [000063].vox
[1x1 arc] sink handle hot [000064].vox
[1x1 arc] sink sprayer [000065].vox
[1x1 arc] sink sprayer hose [000066].vox

[1x1 eat] apple [000047].vox
[1x1 eat] bread half loaf [0000105].vox
[1x1 eat] bread loaf [0000104].vox
[1x1 eat] bread slice [0000101].vox
[1x1 eat] butter [000036].vox
[1x1 eat] coffee [000089].vox
[1x1 eat] cola [000038].vox
[1x1 eat] eggplant [000046].vox
[1x1 eat] frozen greens [000049].vox
[1x1 eat] frozen juice [000050].vox
[1x1 eat] ice cube tray [000041].vox
[1x1 eat] lettuce [000045].vox
[1x1 eat] milk [000037].vox
[1x1 eat] pizza box [000044].vox
[1x1 eat] pizza slice cardinal [000042].vox
[1x1 eat] pizza slice diagonal [000043].vox
[1x1 eat] shaker pepper [0000108].vox
[1x1 eat] shaker salt [0000109].vox
[1x1 eat] water [000090].vox
[1x1 eat] wine [000091].vox

[1x1 mix] knife block [0000112].vox
[1x1 mix] trash can [000032].vox
[1x1 pro] chair [0000114].vox
[1x1 pro] cutting board [0000106].vox
[1x1 pro] floor mat [000014].vox
[1x1 pro] table [0000113].vox
[1x1 pro] wall clock [000019].vox
[1x1 pro] knife block [0000112].vox
[1x1 pro] knife cleaver [0000110].vox
[1x1 pro] knife steak [0000111].vox
[1x1 pro] knife vegetable [0000107].vox
[1x1 pro] trash can [000032].vox
[1x1 pro] trash can lid [000033].vox

[1x1 tex] backsplash tile [0000119].vox
[1x1 tex] floor tiles [0000120].vox
[1x1 tex] granite [0000118].vox
[1x1 tex] wood [0000117].vox

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